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Do I need to register before placing an order? 

Yes, you have to. You can place the order directly on our website and register. 

How do I register? 

Click “Create Account” at the top right corner of our website. 

What if I forgot my login password? 

Click the “forgot your password?" at the Login page, fill in your registered email then we will send a new password to your registered email.


Ordering & Payment

Can I remove item from the shopping cart?

Yes. if the order is not placed, you can remove the item from the shopping cart. But once you have placed the order, you can't delete any item from the order.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

If you did not pay for the order, then you can modify and reorder.

If you finish the payment for your order, you can cancel or modify it in 24 hours for any reason. If more than 24 hours, Please send a request to our customer service representatives your order for assistance.

If I want to change information (such as color, size, shipping address, shipping method) of a paid order, what can I do?

We can only change those information for you if the order is not shipped out. Therefore please be more careful to place the order. If there are changes, contact us via

What kind of secure payment methods do you accept?

You can use Credit Cards &  PayPal

How do you secure my payment information?

We do not process any of your payment information.


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